Top 20 Websites to Get Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

Imagery is a vital factor you must consider when designing your business website. How your website looks strongly impacts the visitors’ impression of your products and services. Simply put, the professional and natural images can impact your company’s brand and the way you connect with people’s emotions.

However, looking for the right images for commercial use such as on your online store or website is not easy. You either spend too much time (which you do not have) searching for the “right” photo but you keep seeing people excessively happy people in a business meeting or people laughing on their own.

To top it off, the high-quality photos come at a very steep price. Fortunately, there are free stock images for commercial use for your business website and social media posts. Now, you don’t have to pay for cliché stock photos that most people know are not genuinely showing emotions.

Where to Get Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

Here are 20 websites generously offering free stock images for websites, blogs, and other online platforms. Whether you need an image for your hero banner, a placeholder, or high-quality stock images for commercial use, you will surely find it for free if you know where to look.


Latvian photographers Igor Trepeshchenok and Roman Drits launched Barnimages in 2015 hoping to redefine traditional stock imagery. You will find fresh high-resolution images that you will not find anywhere else.

Why get free stock images from BarnImages?

  • Every photo in the Free Collection is free of charge.
  • You can use the images for commercial use, but you can’t photos in print or a photo stock in other websites.
  • There are hundreds of free images for you to choose from.
  • More images are added every weekday.

Fancy Crave

Three years ago, Igor Ovsyannykov launched Fancycrave from scratch. He wanted to help fellow designers, online marketers, bloggers, student and small businesses create their design that can communicate with their target audience. He started from two free photos from his travel in various countries, it soon grew into a popular free stock site.

The photos are high-resolution and stunning, perfect for any niches that you are working on. Use the photos in any way you want, the image owners only request that you respect their work and the trademarks that could possibly be included in some photos that you use.

Why get free stock images from Fancycrave?

  • The free stock images are stunning and can create an awesome effect on your website.
  • You can download the images per pack. If you sign up for Premium Membership, you can access exclusive photo packs.
  • There are thousands of unique photos that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • A lot of photos can bring color, emotion, and action to life. They are perfect for ads, blogs, and business websites.
  • Images can be as large as 6000 x 4000px.
  • Crediting is not required but it will be highly appreciated by the image owner.


Foodiesfeed is a free stock image website of naturally looking food. Jakub Kapusnak started Foodiesfeed as a simple personal project to share his rising pile of food photos. As his passion for food photography grows, his website also grew in popularity.

Now, Foodiesfeed is known for beautiful food images with the main goal of eliminating “all the ugly sterile stock photos” that most people still use. As of date, it has 103,400 monthly views and a total of 1,129,846 downloaded photos.

Kapusnak is no longer alone, the photos from his website are contributions of a worldwide community of food photographers who wants to help food bloggers, designers, business owners and social media managers.

Why get free stock images from Foodiesfeed?

  • The photos are focused on food and how they are created. These are perfect for bloggers, website designers, and entrepreneurs with food-related business.
  • The high-resolution stock photos are free for personal and commercial purposes.
  • Since this free stock image site is solely for food, the photos are filters with these five categories: Top View, Healthy, Close Up, White Background, and Hands.


Freerange Stock was created with the goal of providing quality photos for commercial and non-commercial use. The free stock photos on this website are either from the Freerange archives or from its growing talented community of photographers who can freely contribute their work.

The photos in the Freerange archives are either photographed on Canon DSLR cameras or a high-resolution (4000 dpi) Nikon scan of an original 35mm slide. Once Freerange acquired a photo, it is cropped, sharpened, color corrected, and keyworded. The original is saved in the archive while the latest version is posted on the live site. This way, every image is appealing.

Freerange admits that some of the photos may not be as appealing to other visitors. This is because certain images are either artistically or photographically interesting, or provide a documentation of an event. They hope that certain images may be useful for those looking for basic elements that can be used for Photoshop and other programs.

Why get free stock images from Freerange?

  • Use the images for any purpose (commercial or non-commercial).
  • Most of the photos are already enhanced to its best possible quality.
  • Some images have additional elements added with Photoshop.
  • Aside from images, illustrations are also available.
  • Some images have the “raw” feel daily living activities.
  • Images can fit a myriad of categories from landscape to business.


Gratisography was “made with love” by graphic and web designer Ryan McGuire. Over the years, he has been passionate about building a community through art. With new photographs added weekly to the site’s library, you can choose from a wide range of categories as you look for the right image.

The images are expressive and also feature various emotions. You can take advantage of its uniqueness in your designs to capture the interest of your target consumers.

  Why get free stock images from Gratisography?

  • The free stock photos are unique and oftentimes whimsical.
  • Expressive photos are eye-catching for web visitors. A lot of them tells a story that can spark up ideas and interactions.
  • All of the images can be used for personal and commercials purposes.


IM Free is a collection of free web design resources which you can use for commercial purposes. You just have to be mindful if the photo you have chosen needs proper attribution from the creator of the image.

  Why get free stock images from IM FREE?

  • You can download images in various sizes.
  • Apart from images, there are also some free icons which you can use for your designs.

ISO Republic

England-based designer and photographer Tom Eversley wanted to share his photos so he created the ISO Republic.

ISO Republic currently provides over 3,000 CC0 licensed images and this figure grows as more contributions are added every week. These high-resolution images are provided to help designers, web developers, bloggers, marketers, business owners and social media teams to create their awesome designs.

Why get free stock images from ISO Republic?

  • The images are specifically shot with creative professionals in mind.
  • The images are all free to use for personal and commercial projects.


Karolina is a Poland-based photographer and graphic designer aspiring to help people visualize their ideas through Kaboompics.

All of her photos are taken with a “Full Frame Canon 6d + lenses; Sigma 35mm f/1.4, Sigma 85mm f/1.4, Canon 50mm f/1.8, and Helios 44-2 58mm f/2.0 with tripod, blends, various flashes and other tools.”

Each month, over 70,000 people visit the website and as of date, there have been more than 4 million downloads. Some of her photos are used in prominent sites such as BBC, CNN, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan.

Why get free stock images from Kaboompics?

  • The color palettes with corresponding HEX codes are generated from the photos that you download. This can help you with your web design. You can download the color palette along with your chosen photo.
  • You have the freedom to use the photos commercially.
  • There is no need for any formal attribution, but it will be helpful to link back to Kaboompicks.
  • You can search an image based on your main color scheme, orientation (horizontal or vertical) and categories.


Martin Vorel is an SEO consultant with a love for photography. He created Libreshot to share the photos he had taken. The whole website and all of the photos are from Vorel. He does not require any attribution but he shared that he will appreciate if people link back to his website.

You can filter the photos based on how long it has been “popular” on the website. You can even see the photos which have been most viewed for the last 24 hours, 30 days or most viewed since February 2017.

  Why get free stock images from Libreshot?

  • Filter images with a list of most popular categories.
  • All of the images are high-quality.
  • Photos are under the CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) license. You can freely use the images without asking for permission.


Need free stock images with a more cinematic look? Or perhaps you are looking for sceneries for your design theme? Then Magdeleine is the right place for you. Magdeleine sort stock photography based on the dominant colors in addition to categories and tags. You can search for photos based on your theme. Aside from this, the photos have various shots and angles such as this photo with the bird’s eye view.

Why get free stock images from Magdeleine?

  • Sort photos based on colors and related tags.
  • It clearly indicates is an attribution is required in a photo or not.
  • There are a lot of vintage style photos that you can use should they fit your theme.

Negative Space

Negative Space was launched to give photographers a platform where they can showcase their high-resolution images for the world to see. All if the images are taken by the photographers in the Negative Space community to fit a myriad of categories such as architecture, landscapes, people, technology and much more. Based in the UK, most of the photography features British sceneries.

You can access and download the high-resolution photography in this website for free and you can subscribe to its newsletter. There are no copyright restrictions to worry about.

Why get free stock images from Negative Space?

  • You can copy, edit, or share any downloaded photo.
  • Use the photos for personal or commercial purposes.
  • Giving attribution may not be necessary but it is encouraged.


Since 2014, Pexels has been empowering millions of designers, creators and businesses create amazing products and designs with the right stunning images. There are over 40,000 free stock photos in various categories to choose from. Each month, at least 3,000 new hand-picked high-resolution photos are added in the library.

Aside from the community of photographers, Pexels also get its Creative Commons images from other sources such as Pixabay, Gratisography, and Little Visuals.

Why get free stock images from Pexels?

  • Pexel free stock images are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0).
  • The photos are free for personal and commercial use.
  • Attribution is not required.
  • With massive collection of free artistic stock images


In 2013, Viktor Hanacek created this stock photo site thinking that he is just a guy who wants to share his photos with the world. He loves photography all his life and was able to have enough captivating pictures throughout the years. However, classic stock photo sites rejected his photos due to “insufficient quality.” Looking back, he was thankful that they did.

He created picjumbo which used to sell each photo at $1.99. However, as a web designer himself, he knows the pain of looking for high-quality photos in full resolution. After two days, he decided to just make everything free! In its first year, people had downloaded over 750,000 photos. As of date, it has reached almost 6,000,000 downloads.

Most of the photos are Viktor’s own. This assures you that there won’t be any copyright issues. The downloaders can use Viktor’s photos in campaigns and websites. Picjumbo users are mostly bloggers, marketers, theme developers, design agencies, web designers, and app designers around the world.

Why get free stock images from picjumbo?

  • New photos are added daily.
  • There is a wide range of high-quality and exceptional images to fit any topic.
  • Hanacek doesn’t require attribution but highly appreciates it.


Pixabay was founded in November 2010 as a personal image collection by Hans Braxmeier and Simon Steinberger. In 2012, it became an interactive online community sharing copyright free images. It started offering film footage in addition to images in 2015. Now, it has the biggest collection of free downloadable photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos online.

If you do not have anything specific in mind, the Editor’s Choice is worth a look. Most of the images are usually safe for work. To avoid any explicit images you can check the Enable SafeSearch box.

Why get free stock images from Pixabay?

  • Pixabay supports multi-languages.
  • The images can fit commercial use such as for ads and company’s graphic designs.
  • You can filter images by factors like orientation, color, media type, and minimum dimensions.
  • Get images in various sizes.


Skitterphoto has an amazing collection of royalty-free images in high-resolution. It was launched by Netherlands-based photographers in 2014. They have decided to share their photos because they think that good quality images are hard to find on the web. Now, even other photographers can upload their photos to the website for others to download for free.

Why get free stock images from Skitterphoto?

  • You can easily see how many times a photo has been viewed and uploaded.
  • All of the photos can be used commercially without a need to ask permission from the owner.
  • With each photo, a color palette will be generated to help you with your theme.
  • You can sort the images by date per category.


SplitShire is all about sharing. It revolves around the philosophy that a country or community (shire) can “split” the rights of the images so others can use them too for free without any copyright issues.

Italian photographer Daniel Nanescu started SplitShire to give life to the photographs which could have stayed hidden forever. For over 10 years, he has accumulated thousands of photos in his hard disk. He began uploading 100 high-resolution photos. Now, SplitShire has grown into a site with over 2 million downloads and 6 million page views.

Why get free stock images from SplitShire?

  • You can download the images without signing up.
  • The photos have a vast range of categories to choose from.
  • You are encouraged to use free stock photos creatively even for commercial use.
  • It showcases over 900 high-quality stock images.
  • Abstract and portrait photography are also included.

Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos is a platform of free photos for startups, bloggers, publishers, web designers, and developers. What started out as a simple project became a growing website with more photos added on a regular basis.

The simple and trendy images fit modern startup business websites just right. However, web visitors can also download photos and use it any way they want.

Why get free stock images from Startup Stock Photos?

  • Absolutely no rights reserved. Enhance, reuse or build upon your downloaded images.
  • Photos are mostly related to startups.

StockSnap knows how frustrating it is to find the right image for your website, ads and other creative projects. An image can create an impact on your design in just one look. It can even turn your content from good to great if your images are eye-catching enough. It can also mean the difference between you and your competition who uses generic “cheesy” photos.

To ease the pain of hunting for the right image (that may seem to take forever) StockSnap offers high-quality stock photos. Even when you consider the content, angle, color scheme, and composition to match your design, this website can help you out.

Why get free stock images from StockSnap?

  • You can sort images based on views, downloads, date, favorites and current trends.
  • There are hundreds of high-quality images to choose from.
  • The contributors are identified in each photograph and you can easily link back to their profiles though this is not required since the StockSnap licensed is CC0.
  • Hundreds of fresh images are added weekly.


As a photographer, Ed Gregory knew that most of his photos will never be seen by anyone. Instead of keeping them on his hard drives, he created Stockpic to share them with people who may have no means to spend on premium stock photos.

All of his photos used to be in CC0 license which means anyone can use it they pleased. However, he was disheartened to see his images in other download sites because he wanted photography to be treated with respect. Now, the photos are under Stokpic license. This means that you have to go directly to the Stokpic website to download his images.

Why get free stock images from Stokpic?

  • 100% free stock images for websites, Mobile App, personal and commercial use.
  • Remarkable library of hundreds of free images.
  • Use the photos any way you want, but do not redistribute them for others to download, buy or reuse.
  • Stokpic uses the money it gets from the ads to sponsor programs for photographers.


Unsplash has over 300,000 free high-resolution stock images from a generous community of photographers around the world. In fact, there are over 50,000 of them.

Each day the Unsplash library grows. This means that whatever image you are searching for, you will find it on this site. You might even stumble upon images that you did not know you will need. You can save the images for your future use or inspiration.

The photos are unique and can convey messages to your target audience. Say goodbye to cliché photos from expensive stock image sites. Choose from various collections or pick out a photo from a category.

While there is no need to credit the photographer, Unsplash always notes that even a simple credit with the link back to the image owner’s profile is a much-appreciated courtesy.

Why get free stock images from Unsplash?

  • Every photo is licensed under Creative Commons Zero.
  • You can use the photos with the freedom to modify, distribute, and print for commercial purposes without any worries of copyright infringement.
  • The images are large and have high-resolution.
  • The Unsplash library is vast and can fit any topic.
  • Members can receive 10 new photos each day.
  • Unsplash search tool is fast and easy to use.
  • You can also check the collections which are a group of photos with a certain theme.

Free Stock Image Sites

When downloading a photo from a free stock image site, make sure to check the licensed. There are websites offering free stock images, however, that also have ads for websites selling stock photos. Avoid getting confused by checking if you are required to pay in cash or give a formal attribute to the owner.