35 Plugins That Help WordPress Designers Create Stunning Webpages

WordPress has come a long way since it was released in 2003. Now, more than 75 million websites are using WordPress and about half of it are hosted on the WordPress.com. And it is still growing. After all, it is free with thousands of plugins to choose from.

Another good point is that WordPress is user-friendly. You don’t have to study technical coding just to build a basic website. But no matter what your niche is, you will need to make sure that your visual content can impress your web visitors.

Fortunately, WordPress has plugins with countless applications to help you enhance images, texts, gallery layouts, sliders, video and other elements for your web design. You can add visual effects and enhance images without much of the technical skills. Here are 35 WordPress plugins that you can use to create a stunning website.

WordPress Image Editing Plugins

We know that amazing images are important in a web design. However, you can’t spend all day polishing one image. How about the other website elements that you also have to focus on? Luckily, WordPress has image editing plugins that will help you get the perfect image in just a few minutes.

DigiWidgets Image Editor

DigiWidgets is an online image-editor with Photoshop-style features and popular image-editing tools. You can create a ‘template’ for each image area (biopic, header image, content slider) on a website. Afterward, if you want to add more images in your WordPress design, it will be easier to do so.

DigiWidgets Features:

  • Each image and text can have its own layer which you can changes in order, just like in Photoshop.
  • WordPress designers can add Google fonts to the images.
  • It has history tracking throughout the life of a project. You can even undo changes back to the beginning.
  • Use filters such as grayscale, contrast, brightness, etc.
  • Flip images either horizontally or vertically.
  • Add image borders.

Should you buy the premium version of this WordPress design plugin, you will get additional features such as unlimited custom templates, cropping, more filters, and easier navigation in the project’s history.

Vectr – Embedded Graphics Editor

Vectr’s free embedded graphics editor provides a simple way to edit images and create powerful vector graphics for your WordPress design. You can use it right in the edit screen of your WordPress page. You can either use Vectr online or download its desktop apps for any OS platform.

WordPress designers can either create or edit watermarks, banner, infographics, logotypes, image-collages, annotated images, and any 2D graphics.

Vectr Features:

  • Embed edited/created images and graphics directly into your WordPress pages in just a single click.
  • Scale designs to any size while keeping them crisp and clean.
  • Vectr automatically saves and syncs your work across all platforms.

WordPress Web Design Plugins

Building a website is not easy especially for beginners. Certain WordPress features are too limited and this prevents you from achieving the design that you want. For certain part of your website that you want to customize, you can use various web design plugins.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a drag-and-drop page WordPress builder that you can use to create and edit the frontend of your website. What you design is what your web visitor will see. Even beginners can build their own responsive website without much technical knowledge in HTML coding.

Beaver Builder Features:

  • Supports shortcodes and widgets to use other plugins.
  • WordPress designers can extend and customize Beaver Builder by using its well-documented custom module boilerplate.
  • Limit other user’s editing abilities.
  • Share layouts and migrate your design with the WordPress’ built-in import/export tools.
  • Supports multisite installs. You can make changes across your network with the use of a network-wide control panel.
  • You can save every layout and reuse it multiple times.

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is a WordPress design plugin that lets you build pages with high-end designs. This instant drag & drop page builder has instant reactions so you can quickly view the changes you have made in your website page. This will also let you work on your frontend smoothly and avoid coding guesswork in the backend.

Elementor Features:

  • It includes a collection of 100+ WordPress templates in its Template Library.
  • WordPress designers can undo and redo actions. You can even view the complete editing history.
  • It has a built-in Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon feature that helps when you need to turn your site offline for a while.
  • Has 28 useful widgets such as text editors, accordions, social icons, progress bar, button, carousel, etc.


Ever experience tediously creating a table in your WordPress post? You have very limited options to make it work the way you want it to. Fortunately, TablePress is a free WordPress plugin that lets WordPress designers make and manage tables on websites.

This 5-star rated WordPress plugin does not need any technical HTML coding. The interface allows you to embed table data into posts, pages, or text widgets just by using simple shortcodes. If you know how to use spreadsheets, then you are good to go, especially that the tables can be imported and exported from/to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files.

TablePress Features:

  • Manage your table in WordPress admin Dashboard. There is no need to open another page or tab.
  • WordPress designers can include any content you want such as text, numbers, images, links, even HTML or JavaScript.
  • Show tables anywhere in your theme with a Template Tag function.
  • The first row can be table head row while the last row can be table foot row
  • You can alternate row background colors.
  • The table’s name can either be above or below the table.
  • Edit the table data and structure.

You can do both bulk import and bulk export in Excel (.xls/.xlsx), CSV, HTML, or JSON format.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is one of the most popular WordPress page-builder plugins. It is created for experts and beginners who want to create stunning websites with hundreds of elements, beautiful pre-designed templates, and powerful extensions.

Visual Composer Features:

  • Drag-and-drop interface lets you customize your website by simply moving around the elements and managing the layouts of the page. There is no coding required which is why it has become popular with beginners.
  • The inline editor lets you edit text content elements in the Frontend.
  • WordPress designers can use text, image files, contact forms, CTA buttons, social media integration, testimonials, video backgrounds and more.
  • You can access pre-designed responsive templates for landing pages, portfolios, product pages, about us, business and service sites.
  • Use live frontend editor. You don’t have to navigate the backend and guess how it will look on the frontend.
  • Visual Composer got responsive designs.

WP Retina 2x

WP Retina 2x offers full-size retina images. The retina is not a new technology in web design. It simply means a super high-resolution IPS screen with more pixels squeezed in together.

It can create and display the images required by the High-DPI devices. Because of this, your website can appear clear and crisp regardless of the device your web users are using. The retina images can be automatically generated or manually done. Everything is under your control in the dashboard.

WP Retina 2x Features:

  • Supports different methods to serve the required images: Responsive Images method, PictureFill method, Retina.js, etc.
  • Can support Responsive Images.

WPTouch Mobile

WPTouch Mobile is a plugin useful for WordPress designers who want to create mobile-friendly website themes. In fact, this plugin is recommended by Google which means that you can make your website pass the Google Mobile test with the help of this plugin.

WPTouch Mobile Features:

  • You can use WPtouch shortcodes to replace all or part of your website content for mobile visitors.
  • Mobile Content extension adds a new editor to the post/page editing screens.
  • It has an auto-save admin panel.
  • You can instantly preview what you are editing in real-time. You can even choose to preview in various screen sizes and orientation.
  • WordPress designers can control which page will be optimized for mobile.
  • You can transform your content without a need for a different URL.

WordPress Fonts Plugins

Typography is vital for WordPress designers. It can improve readability and creates a better user experience. It can also boost the time spent on your page.

While many can use premium WordPress themes which provides access to Google fonts, most beginners have a hard time tweaking their files. This is why beginners utilize user-friendly WordPress plugins to improve typography on their sites without technical coding.

Here are some WordPress plugins that you can use.

Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts allows WordPress designers to use Google Fonts. You have total control over the typography on your WordPress site through a Typography tab in theme customizer.

With the typography tab, you can change font sizes, colors, borders and more. You can even create custom font controls in the admin settings.

Easy Google Fonts Features:

  • You can take full control of your theme’s typography
  • Allows the WordPress designer to choose from more than 600 Google fonts
  • WordPress designers can use unlimited Custom Font Controls
  • Real-time preview allows you to see changes before you save them
  • You can update themes without changing or losing your custom Google fonts.

Use Any Font

Use Any Font gives the freedom to WordPress designers to utilize any custom fonts they wish. If you are building your own website, you can use custom fonts that best fit your theme. There is no coding required to have that stunning font that captures your web users.

Use Any Font Features:

  • Support all major browsers such as Chrome, Safari, IOS, and Andriod
  • WordPress designers can upload fonts directly from WordPress Editor
  • Supports font format like ttf, otf, and woff
  • Use multiple fonts on a page

WordPress Gallery Plugins

WordPress Gallery Plugins make it easy to present images in more attractive or personalized ways. The way you display your images can impact your WordPress design as a whole, especially if you are trying to express a certain feeling or message to connect with your web visitors.


FooGallery allows WordPress designers to build responsive gallery layouts. You can arrange your images using the built-in drag-and-drop reordering feature. In addition, you can either use the included gallery templates or create your own.

FooGallery Features:

  • Reorder images through built-in drag and drop feature.
  • Crisp thumbnails on retina-enabled displays.
  • Supports video galleries.
  • Albums are built-in as extensions. You can activate it on the extensions page.
  • Copy to clipboard shortcodes
  • NextGen importer tool

Gallery by Envira

Envira Gallery is a user-friendly builder with drag-and-drop feature that helps make image and video galleries in just a few clicks. WordPress designers can also build customized templates from its pre-built ones in the package. Furthermore, Envira’s galleries are responsive. It fits various screen size without compromising the quality of the images.

Envira Gallery Features:

  • Customizable pre-built templates to personalize your website.
  • Sort photo albums with Tags and your chosen cover photo.
  • You can add share buttons to various social media sites.
  • Add password protection and watermarks.
  • Embed YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and other in your gallery
  • Add slideshow display.

NextGen Gallery

NextGEN Gallery has been one of the most downloaded gallery plugins for WordPress designs since 2007. In fact, it reaches more than 1 million downloads per year. NextGEN offers complete control in WordPress gallery management system. You can upload photos per batch, import metadata, group galleries into albums, arrange photos and more.

Moreover, it has two main gallery display styles and two album styles (compact and extended) which comes with a myriad of editing tools.

NextGEN Gallery Features:

  • 16 stunning WordPress photography (Genesis child) themes
  • Pro Thumbnail Gallery comes with 3 extra templates
  • Choose from various gallery styles: mosaic gallery, blog style gallery, thumbnail gallery, slideshow gallery, film gallery, etc.
  • Slide film inspired gallery extension
  • Image commenting, Twitter card, social sharing and image deep linking

Photo Gallery by WD

Create a custom, responsive and free photo gallery with Photo Gallery by WD plugin. Aside from images, you can also make YouTube and Vimeo galleries since audios and videos are also supported. Additionally, you can add an unlimited number of images in your blog with interactive features and gallery styles.

Photo Gallery by WD Features:

  • Allows creating an unlimited number of galleries.
  • Protect the copyright to your images with watermarking options.
  • WordPress designers can publish, unpublish or delete image comments.
  • Add audio tracks in the image slideshow.
  • 10 view options for the gallery and album displays.

WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Optimizing the images on your website does not only help it to load faster, it also boosts your SEO efforts.

High-resolution images may look great but they are usually large in size that can easily slow down your page speed. By optimizing these images, you can lessen the size while not sacrificing the quality. If you have technical skills in using Photoshop or another image editing software, then optimization is just a breeze.

However, if you are not knowledgeable about image editing programs you can just use WordPress image compression plugins.

Compress JPEG & PNG images

Compress JPEG & PNG images is a plugin created by the team behind TinyPNG. This WordPress plugin automatically optimizes the images by integrating with the two image compression services TinyJPG and TinyPNG. You can compress up to 500 images for free.

Compress JPEG & PNG images Features:

  • Supports animated PNG compression
  • Automatically optimize the new images being uploaded
  • Preserves the copyright metadata
  • Convert CMYK to RGB
  • No file size limit
  • WP Retina 2x compatible
  • You can select the thumbnail sizes of the optimized images

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is a popular free WordPress image compression plugin. This is due to its easy-to-use program and fast bulk optimization. WordPress designers can resize and compress JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files to save storage space and bandwidth.

EWWW Image Optimizer Features:

  • It has free image backups that can store your original images or files for 30 days.
  • Background Optimization and Parallel Optimization take the upload speed up a notch.
  • Optimizes Retina images for crisp image quality
  • Compresses every image size generated by WordPress
  • Built-in resizing to ensure that contributors don’t upload huge images
  • Full integration with NextGEN and FooGallery

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a useful WordPress image compression plugin to make a fast loading WordPress design. It requires an API key via your email address. With the basic free account, you can compress up to 100 images a month. If you have a large website, you may have to upgrade your account.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer Features:

  • Starts compressing as soon as it has been activated.
  • It stores the original images in a separate folder.
  • Allows you to compare the original and the compressed image to see the difference.
  • Supports GIF, PDF, JPEG, PNG and WebP formats

WP Smush

WP Smush is a popular WordPress image compression plugin. It can automatically compress images on upload and can optimize older images. You can set the maximum image resolution which your images will be scaled down to.

WP Smush Features:

  • Bulk Smush any image in any directory
  • Optimize images up to 32MB
  • Convert PNG to JPEG
  • Simultaneously compress up to 50 images

WordPress Slider Plugins

Sliders are useful when you have a couple of statements that you want to express. If you are building a business website, it is handy when presenting your products, services and selling key points. Sliders usually load images and texts, but of course, you need to make sure that they fit your theme perfectly.

Meta Slider

Meta Slider is a popular WordPress design plugin that lets you easily create a unique SEO-optimized slideshow. Select images from their WordPress Media Libraries, then use drag and drop to your preferred placement. Set the captions, links and SEO fields in just one page.

Meta Slider Feature:

  • Choose from four types of slides: Flex Slider, Responsive Slider, Nivo Slider and Coin Slider.
  • You can create CSS3 animated HTML Layer slides.
  • Over 50 built-in CSS3 transitions.
  • Integrated with WordPress 3.5 Media Manager
  • Integrates with other plugins.
  • You can incorporate YouTube & Vimeo videos in your slideshows.
  • Unique Smart Crop functionality


Slideshow lets you integrate a slideshow for any WordPress installation. Load an image from the WordPress media page and insert in the slideshow right away. Create as many as you’d like with various style, images, and settings.

Slideshow Features:

  • Supports multi-languages
  • Responsive design
  • YouTube Video, images and text slides
  • Multiple slideshows on the same page
  • Can be placed anywhere on the website

Slider WD

Slide WD can support both images and videos on the slides. Every element is customizable from text to navigation icons. This gives you a myriad of options to make your website more personalized and highly engaging to your web visitors.

Your slides are also responsive and have swipe control support. This gives your web visitors better user experience as you grab their attention.

Slide WD Features:

  • Intuitive and full-responsive design and layout
  • Incorporated with the best SEO practices
  • 27 transition effects including Zoom, Kaleidoscope, 3D Random, etc.
  • You can upload your self-hosted videos in sliders
  • Supports touch swipe navigation
  • Create slides by creating them layer after layer using drag and drop interface
  • Variety of navigation button designs
  • Layers with transition and animation effects
  • You can display your sliders with the Parallax effect option

Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is an intuitive WordPress design plugin that lets you create sliders which are responsive SEO optimized and works with any of the themes. This interface gives you the ability to make eye candy slide without a need for extensive coding.

Edit your slides the way you build your page. Drop layers after each other. Then you can arrange them in rows and columns. Customize heading, text, image, button, and video the way you want to capture the interest of your web visitor.

Smart Slider 3 Features:

  • More than 100 pre-made slides
  • Elements are built for Dark and Light color schemes
  • Responsive slides to fit various screen sizes
  • Has five new layers: image box layer, audio layer, progress bar, circle counter, and counter layer.
  • Interactive online documentation
  • Shape dividers with moving effect
  • Particle slider and particle effect

WordPress Social Plugins

Social plugins can amplify your social media marketing efforts. Social media is a powerful tool to reach your target audience, if you are not yet utilizing it, then you must not be surprised if you lag behind your competitors.

Contact Widgets by GoDaddy

Contact Widgets lets you display your contact information. It is a user-friendly widget that allows you to display your phone number, email address, fax and physical address with an attached map. You can even add your social media profiles.

Contact Widgets Features:

  • Drag-and-drop “Contact Details” widget
  • Supports 30 Languages
  • Integrates location maps

Custom Facebook Feed

Custom Facebook Feed displays completely customizable and responsive Facebook feeds on a WordPress website. To top it off, the feeds are also search engine crawlable. By default, the Facebook feeds will adopt the style of your website. However, you can also customize it to your taste.

Custom Facebook Feed Features:

  • Responsive and mobile optimized
  • WordPress designers can customize headers with a range of icons
  • Show likes, shares, and comments for each post
  • Displays status, photos, videos, events, links, albums, and offers from your Facebook page
  • Multiple feeds from different Facebook pages
  • Customizable text size, weight, and color

Feed The Social

Feed The Social lets you display as many feeds as you want on your website. This WordPress plugin created additional options for Facebook Pages, Photo Albums, Pinterest, Video albums, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Feed The Social Features:

  • Customize font colors to fit your WordPress design
  • View photos and videos from your social media accounts, albums or events
  • Add as many social feeds as you like
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Add Like and/or Follow Buttons on any feeds on your website

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed lets you display Instagram photos from public or non-private Instagram accounts. You can also choose whether you use single or multiple feeds. This WordPress plugin is responsive and mobile ready layouts that can fit in any web user’s device.

Instagram Feed Features:

  • Display photos from multiple Instagram accounts
  • Customizable height, width, number of columns, background color, image spacing, etc.
  • Multiple Instagram feeds on the same page
  • Uses shortcode options to customize the feeds
  • Has “Follow on Instagram” button
  • You can add your own Custom CSS and JavaScript
  • Supports “Slideshow/Carousel” posts
  • Create “white lists” to make sure that only certain posts are displayed

Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather supports the adding of social buttons for sharing or following. These social buttons are linked to your social network profiles. You can automatically add the buttons to all posts, pages and custom post types.

Your web visitors can click the social buttons to share on Facebook or Tweet your posts and pages on your site. They can even submit it to Reddit, Google+ and any other social media.

Social Media Feather Features:

  • Full support for Retina to ensure high-resolution display
  • Social network following is possible anywhere on your website
  • Supports sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+, and e-mails.
  • Supports following on various social media.
  • WordPress designers can enable or disable a social provider individually
  • Full customization for titles and URLs
  • Has a default modern icon set

Share Icons Share Buttons

Share Icons Share Buttons by UltimatelySocial is another 5-star plugin that you should not miss. It lets you add share icons for any social media platforms. You can even upload custom share icons of your choice. There is a wide range of options that you can choose from to fit your WordPress design.

Share Icons Share Buttons Features:

  • More than 200 design styles
  • Responsive and mobile-ready
  • Has 16 different designs for the share icons
  • You can make the icons either “sticky” or “float”
  • Add ‘counts’ to social media buttons
  • Visitors can subscribe to your blog via email
  • Display social media buttons at the end of every post

WP User Avatar

WordPress only allows you to use custom avatars which are uploaded through Gravatar. On the other hand, WP User Avatar lets you use any photo uploaded into your Media Library be used as your avatar. This means that there is no need for extra folders or image editing. You can use the same uploader and image library as your posts.

WP User Avatar Features:

  • Capture avatar instantly using a webcam
  • Upload a custom avatar
  • Allows web users to upload their avatars from the frontends
  • WordPress designers can use the [avatar] shortcodes in the posts
  • Limit upload file size for Contributors and Subscribers.

WP Instagram Widget

WP Instagram Widget showcases your latest Instagram pics on your WordPress website. There is no need to provide your login detail. This WordPress design plugin has two filters which images or videos you can use to adjust which you want to get displayed.

WP Instagram Widget Features:

  • Adjust cache time for retrieving images from the Instagram
  • Filter video results from the widget
  • Add custom output before and after the widget

Facebook Widget

Facebook Widget provides a simple and attractive way to display the Facebook page likes on your WordPress sidebar. This 5-star rated WordPress plugin is lightweight and popular among web designers. Simply activate the plugin and then drag the widget.

Facebook Widget Features:

  • WordPress designers can show/hide posts from a timeline, show/hide cover, and show/hide profile photos
  • Display customized header
  • Choose from width options and language selection

WordPress Video Plugins

Videos give a better user experience to your web visitors. Whether you want to advertise, share a vlog, explain something complex or simply capture the interest of your web visitors to make them stay longer, you will need a video plugin for your WordPress website.

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

ARVE lest you specify your video description, title and upload date to provide search engines with a clear schema. This way you can ensure that your web page is properly indexed.

ARVE Features:

  • Responsive thumbnails
  • You can either use automatic or custom thumbnail images
  • Two hover styles
  • Show the latest video of a YouTube channel
  • WordPress designers can choose between two play icon styles
  • Automatic and customized titles on top of the thumbnails

YouTube by EmbedPlus Team

With this WordPress plugin from EmbedPlus, you can customize your WordPress YouTube embed, YouTube gallery and even YouTube live stream. This popular plugin can generate a grid-based responsive playlist or gallery but you can also make a gallery layout of your own.

YouTube Embed Plus Features:

  • Lets web users to browse through pages of video thumbnails
  • Allows automatic continuous play without the visitor having to click a thumbnail
  • YouTube thumbnails are responsive.

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator is a WordPress plugin that makes embedding videos, encoding HTML5-compliant files, generating thumbnails easier. This plugin also allows you to use a few different video players such as Video.js, WordPress default player (MediaElement.js), JW Player 6 and Adobe’s Flash player.

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator Features:

  • Allows you to set the default maximum video thumbnail width and height.
  • The videos are responsive and can fit the size of the player.
  • Users can select their preferred resolution.
  • The plugin will automatically send Google Analytics Events as soon as the web visitor starts watching the video, reach 25%, 50%, 75%, and complete watching the whole clip.
  • You can create a popup video gallery.
  • The shortcodes which you can use are similar to the WordPress image gallery shortcodes.

WordPress Visual Effects Plugins

If you want to add more visual effect to your WordPress design, then consider other visual effects plugins. These are handy when you want to emphasize a key point in your websites such as your selling points, products or services.

Multipurpose Before After Slider

Multipurpose Before After Slider is a WordPress Plugin that displays the original versus the new image. It is Touch&Swipe enabled and responsive with lots of customization. There is no need for technical coding and the admin panel is easy to use.

Multipurpose Before After Slider Features:

  • Each slider has its own settings panel.
  • Sliders can be integrated into pages, posts, and widgets.
  • You can choose between the traditional side-by-side (before and after) images or the jQuery style that requires the interaction with the web user.

Responsive Lightbox by dFactory

The Responsive Lightbox by dFactory allows the web visitors to view a larger version of an image. As for the mobile responsiveness, the image can have an overlay effect.

Responsive Lightbox Features:

  • WordPress designers can choose from 5 responsive lightbox scripts: Nivo Lightbox, SwipeBox, Image Lightbox, prettyPhoto, and the FancyBox.
  • Automatically add lightbox to image galleries, image links, and video links.
  • Compatible with Visual Composer
  • Multisite support
  • You can add the lightbox to WordPress comments content

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

Black Studio adds TinyMCE Widget, a WYSIWYG text widget, to its plugin. This Visual Editor widget type allows the WordPress designer to insert rich texts and other media objects in the sidebar without any technical coding. You can edit the widget in WYSIWYG manner with the use of the native WordPress TinyMCE editor.

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget Features:

  • Add rich text widgets to the sidebar via the visual editor
  • Switch between HTML mode and Visual mode
  • Supports fullscreen editing mode
  • Supports multiple languages

WordPress Plugins

WordPress has over 50,000 plugins. Each has its own set of functions, features, and compatibilities. Furthermore, they usually get updated every once in a while. It is easy to get tempted into downloading a lot of plugins, however, too many plugins can slow down your website if you are not careful.

Remember that plugins are supposed to help you optimize your site and make it more functional. This way, you can provide the best user experience to your web visitors and make them sign up. However, if you have too many plugins behind your site, it will load longer and most of your visitors will bounce back if you make them wait for more than three seconds.

When choosing a plugin for your WordPress design, it is important to note your website’s purpose and how you want it to be translated into a design. Install the plugins that fit your design and objectives best. There is no maximum number of plugins that you can use. You can take your time and explore to find which ones can make your web design superb.