How SEMblitz Generated
$2.4M Sales For Our Client
In Just 1 Year

We wanted to share the story of how we helped
a client's search engine marketing initiatives to
thrive in a $500M industry.


SEMblitz’s client is a business in a saturated and very competitive local industry. At the time of the entry, its market was dominated by better-known local brands which have been servicing the market well ahead of the client and have their own chunk off the local market share.

The client contracted SEMblitz’s services to address several keypoints:

  • Market Entry
  • Revenue Growth
  • Marketshare Acquisition and Retainment

Over the course of 12 months, SEMblitz team has incessantly worked to address the client’s pain points and have successfully delivered the following:

  • 616,393 unique pageviews in its 1st year
  • 322,939 uniques came from the organic
  • 44,181% organic search increase in the 12th month vs. day 1
  • 36.87% Monthly organic growth impetus
  • 10,017 average direct traffic per month which has considerably promoted the Brand presence
  • Sales Revenue of $2.4M in 1 year through digital marketing

Challenges with Existing Business and Market Ecosystem

A local B2C fintech start-up has set-up shop on the 2nd quarter of 2016. At the time of entry, the industry is teeming with both household and well-known brand names that have years of exposure in the local market. These competitors have been servicing the target population and have acquired considerable share on the market and have been the go-to names by local customers. Added to the bigger players, newer businesses are also coming into the fintech space that has made client competition and servicing fiercer. During the first stages of building the business, the client engaged one of the bigger and well-known digital marketing company for its SEO needs, the results of which fell well under the minimum expectations. The overall outcome of the engagement was overpromised and under delivered. The loss of time and resources in a very competitive market has added to the client’s pain points as more competition continuously came in and were aggressive on brand promotion.

Do you want to know the
full strategy we’ve implement
to get 2.4M sales revenue in 1 year?

The search engine marketing approach we’ve provided for our client is too
good to be shared openly so we’ve decided to give them out to those who want to personally see it.