Growing Your Website Traffic

Learn to increase and scale your website's traffic through the use of SEO,
PPC advertising, social media, and other unique promotional strategies.

Focusing on organic traffic is great, but never ignore the potential of paid ads too. The organic and paid search traffic have different strategies to gain leads, yet they can complement each other to increase your future earnings more than you expect.
In fact, WordStream revealed that 64% of potential customers click on Google ads when they have a purchasing intent. Imagine the number of people clicking on your competitors’ Google AdWords because your company doesn’t use pay-per-click. How much potential sales are you losing?

In this guide to Google Pay-Per-Click you will:

  • Understand how AdWords will help your business
  • Identify the perfect keywords to hook your target customers
  • Learn how to set goals for your PPC campaigns
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Facebook has been around since 2004. It is more likely that you have noticed its influence in the daily lives of web users – including your existing and target consumers. This proves that it is inevitable to use this social media as an advertising tool. Its targeting is quite impressive and the data is overwhelming with billions of its mobile users.

With this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Access the Facebook Audience Insights.
  •  Get to know your target audience.
  •  Create compelling ads.
  •  Take away your competitors’ sales.
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