Facebook Hashtag: What Every Social Media Marketer Needs to Know

The digital world is ever evolving and as we experience the hype of social media now, another new powerful tool appears: the Hashtag. Gone is the usual meaning of the symbol #. It used to be a number or pound sign, now it is used as a prefix to tag words.

Hashtag was first used in Twitter to simply find tweets with a common topic. It started as an organic tool for people with the same mindset to categorized topics, and now hashtag is used in Facebook.

As you may have a Facebook account, you may encounter hashtags every once in a while. Hashtags consist of a prefix pound sign (#) followed by a word (#love), a group of words without any space in between (#picoftheday), or an acronym (#tbt).It is not case sensitive.

What’s in it for marketers?

Hashtag can be a powerful tool for marketing. You can use a hashtag in any post or comment you write up on Facebook, and also pull up a string of conversation and posts just by searching a particular hashtag. Take advantage of it by promoting your brand with a prominent and catchy hashtag. It will make your post highly visible and engagement is easy as it can quickly become viral, especially if you are promoting a project for a cause, a new promo or the latest product. Also you can gauge the number of people talking about that topic.

Since there is a big chance that like-minded people will use the same hashtag, it will be easy to get to your target audience if you created a best relevant hashtag. No matter how the user think of the idea represented by the hashtag, either positively or negatively, it still add to the string of posts and conversations.

Facebook is a pool of potential consumers and free advocates. Since people are also now becoming vocal in social media, it is easy to make a buzz for your brand.

The downside of Facebook privacy setting

Facebook users have various privacy options set for posts. They can set it to private that only their Facebook friends can see the posts, even if you search the hashtag used, it won’t appear on search result. However, do not lose hope, because the hashtag posts can still be visible to their friends and can still spark interest among close network of friends.

Using hashtag on Facebook

If you are promoting an event or product, use a catchy hashtag and include it anywhere in your post. There is no limit on how many hashtag you can use, but since you are also promoting for your brand, create one uniform hashtag for your brand and always use it every time you post relevant to your company.

Use the hashtag to grow your brand awareness on Facebook. Try to make one and see how it fairs, then revise it to make it more engaging until you get to your target audience.